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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Amplify the Arts?
    Amplify the Arts is a targeted fundraising campaign to purchase and install state of the art technology and equipment, as well as upgrade the technological infrastructure of the Campolindo Performing Arts Center (CPAC). Amplify the Arts is a partnership between Campolindo High School, Acalanes Union High School District (AUHSD), Moraga Education Foundation (MEF), Campolindo Choir Fund (CCF), Campolindo Instrumental Music Boosters, parents, and the community. This partnership aims to support and sustain the Campolindo Performing Arts Center (CPAC), which impacts the arts education of hundreds of students each year, across multiple disciplines, and provides a vibrant arts environment for the benefit of the greater community. All funds donated to this campaign will go towards the improvements and upgrades to the CPAC.
  • Why support the Campolindo Performing Arts Center (CPAC)?
    Since its opening in 2003, the CPAC has been a gathering place, a performance space, and a literal training ground, for thousands of performing arts students. From instrumental music concerts, drama productions, and musicals, to improv nights, choir programs, and students orchestrating the magic behind the scenes, Campo students have had a place to be educated, be engaged, and to belong. The CPAC is a community space celebrating the arts and extending opportunities for performers of all ages to experience the magic of the stage. It is also a meeting place and space for school and community events. The CPAC is truly a community treasure!
  • What will the monies raised through Amplify the Arts actually fund?
    Significant advancements in technology over the last 20 years have made existing equipment woefully outdated and, in some cases, inoperable. The installation of projected updates to audio, communications and lighting systems will enhance the experience for performers and audience members alike. Upgrades are intended to include sound mixing equipment, speakers, lighting banks, wireless communications system, surround sound functionality, microphone banks, and more. If you have a specific question about the upgrades, please email
  • What about donations I make to Moraga Education Foundation, Campo Choral Fund, Instrumental Music Boosters, or other efforts to support Campolindo? Should I only donate to one organization?
    As this campaign is a targeted effort for the CPAC and not an annual campaign, we encourage you to continue to support the Moraga Education Foundation, Campolindo Choral Fund, and Instrumental Music Boosters (and any other organization you support for Campolindo), as Campolindo performing arts relies on each of these organizations for their ongoing annual expenses.
  • Is my Amplify the Arts donation tax deductible?
    The Amplify the Arts campaign is a community effort to raise funds to support needed upgrades and improvements to the Campolindo Performing Arts Center. Donations made to the Amplify the Arts campaign are being made to the Campolindo Choral Fund, a non-profit organization based in Moraga, CA that is the sponsoring organization for the campaign. Tax ID: 77-0099523 All funds donated to the Amplify the Arts campaign will go to the Campolindo Performing Arts Center upgrades and improvements. No goods or services are provided by the Amplify the Arts campaign or the Campolindo Choral Fund in return for any donation.
  • Why are these upgrades needed now?
    CPAC was built and opened in 2003. Over the course of the last 20 years the technology has changed and improved at astounding rates. In all performing arts disciplines, our students are adversely impacted by the outdated functionality of the original equipment. For all performing arts events, equipment is rented or donated to achieve the level of technical functionality present at current performances. Additionally, our tech students receive excellent training for real world scenarios and employment opportunities (which many have pursued). They need the proper equipment and technology to stay current in this arena.
  • Why doesn’t Campolindo or Acalanes School District pay for these upgrades and improvements? Shouldn’t it be their financial responsibility?
    Campolindo High School and the Acalanes Union School District has committed significant funds to this project to make these important improvements and upgrades a reality. We have worked very closely with the school and district leadership to navigate and design the best scenario possible for our students and community. The reality is California public schools, including Campolindo High School, are woefully underfunded. For more information on California Public School funding and the impact of inadequate funding on the Moraga School District and Campolindo High School, please visit the Moraga Education Foundation website ( for excellent overviews and in depth analysis of this reality. To make up the financial deficit in order to provide an excellent training facility and performance center for students and our community, we have had to reach out into the greater community to help support our efforts, hence the Amplify the Arts campaign.
  • Are you just asking for donations or are there events planned to help raise these needed funds?
    We are glad you asked! We are approaching our signature event, a Benefit Concert for Amplify the Arts which will feature performances by Campolindo alumni who are currently working and thriving in the performing arts. For more information on that event, please see the Benefit Concert page of this website. Those who donate at certain giving levels to the campaign will have early access to purchase tickets to these special performances on October 14th and October 15th, before ticket sales open to the general public. This is an event not to be missed! You can also make sure that you have updated information by filling out the Keep Me in the Loop! form on the Benefit Concert page.
  • How much money has the campaign raised so far?
    As of August 2023, the Amplify the Arts campaign has raised over $100,000. Equipment purchased with these funds is currently being installed. Please check back to the Amplify the Arts website for updates.
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